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Garden Hero


Full website redesign

Garden Hero is a fresh and minimal redesign of an existing website. The customer was happy with the content of their previous site, but felt that the design was starting to look dated. There were significant time savings as the existing site content was a good foundation for the new design which were reflected in cost savings for the customer.

Project Highlights

Refreshed visual design

Fully responsive and intuitive design, creating a modern and easy to use interface that showcases the company’s work and conveys their message consistently throughout.

streamlined customer journey

Simplified pages that flow in a predictable manner, guiding the user to the information that they require. Several waypoints created which serve as ideal places to encourage the user to reach out to Garden Hero.

bespoke booking system

Garden Hero requested a new booking system which allows returning customers to schedule their own appointments. Previous visit data is used to book out appropriate time in the calendar, creating time savings for the company as their appointments are managed with a degree of automation.

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