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Full E-Commerce Build

PlatformE8st set out to deliver an innovative new selling process that gives the customers input in to the price they pay for their goods. They specialise in secondary market footwear, therefore every item they sell is completely unique. We have built an online store which allows the customer to browse the stock and make offers based on the condition of any items that they would like to purchase.

Project Highlights

Clear visual design

The website and store are both fully responsive, creating a seamless browsing experience on any size of screen. The store is fully scalable so can respond to the changing stock levels as items sell and new lines are brought online.

Custom product pages

No items in the store have a set purchase price. Instead, the customer inputs the price they wish to offer for the product and indicates which conditions they would be interested in. This required changes to the standard product pages and checkout process to allow for this information to be captured and passed on to the shop.

bespoke negotiation system

PlatformE8st required an online store that doesn’t follow the usual process that most customers would be used to. Therefore, it was extremely important to be able to deliver a user interface that made it simple for a first time user to be able to make the most of the unique buying process.

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